The Rehoming Process

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Our Rehoming Process

Kilmarnock Horse Rescue is very careful to make sure that our Friend for Life scheme works for the long term benefit of both our equine and the foster home in which they are placed. This means we take great care with the rehoming process and there are a number of stages that a successful applicant must go through before they can take a Kilmarnock Horse Rescue equine home with them.
If you are thinking of becoming a Friend for Life, please ensure you have read all the rehoming information and our Terms and Conditions on the website before submitting an application. Every one of your goals can become an actuality with 20 pound free bingo no deposit. All all of the modern betting delays in your case!

The aim of the rehoming process is to ensure potential fosterers have fully considered all the implications and costs involved in rehoming an equine. It is also to enable us to match suitable equines to suitable homes.

Stage 1 
Potential fosterers select the horse, pony or donkey they would like to care for by reading the animal profiles online. Every applicant must read through and accept our Friend for Life Terms and Conditions before completing the online application form.
Stage 2
Kilmarnock Horse Rescue select the most suitable applicant to invite them to progress to the next stage of the rehoming process. The applicants who are not selected to proceed with their application will be contacted by email.
Stage 3
The applicant selected to progress to stage 3 is invited to Kilmarnock Horse Rescue to meet the Rehoming Team and the chosen equine. This meeting will include a discussion of the Terms and Conditions to ensure that the applicant fully understands the commitment involved in the Friend for Life scheme.
The applicant will also undergo an initial riding or handling assessment and will need to wear appropriate clothing for this part of the visit.
Stage 4 
A pre-home check is carried out by a Kilmarnock Horse Rescue Rehoming Officer to ensure the environment and facilities at the equine’s prospective new home are suitable for the particular needs of the animal. If any adjustments are required, advice will be given and a further visit arranged if necessary.
Stage 5 
Further appointments will be facilitated to help establish a relationship between the applicant and the chosen equine. This will include riding and/or handling sessions depending on the animal that has been applied for. Only when both the applicant and Kilmarnock Horse Rescue rehoming team are confident that the pairing is right will the application proceed to stage 6.
Stage 6
Arrangements are made to move the equine to his/her new home.
It is desirable for the fosterer to then arrange transport for the equine as Kilmarnock Horse Rescue has limited time and resources.