Rehoming Success Stories

We have found New Homes!

It's great to know that as well as the kind and generous donations we receive from the public, we are also blessed with having supporters of our rescue and rehoming centre, who have shared our rehoming campaign posts, enabling us to find people that are able to offer a good home to some of the equines in our care. 

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that the relentless hard work, love, and care, provided by our Volunteers, Supporters, and everyone at Kilmarnock Horse Rescue, has been so worth it! It can take a long time to prepare a horse for rehoming as many have been traumatised, have injuries or illness, or they're just far too young or old, to be rehomed.  

Below are some of our Success Stories

We are delighted that Susie has been found a lovely new home! After our campaign over Easter, a family were found and she has been rehomed with Sam who is another of our rescued horses.

Katia rehomed Lad back in June 2016. She is delighted with him and says that "he's doing amazingly well! We do a lot of jumping and we are starting to go out and do dressage. He is proving to be an honest and contented horse, and he is loved by everyone at our yard."

Tilly has been rehomed with Amy and her family. She has settled into her new home very quickly and has a new friend called Morgan. 

Amy said, "Tilly really is a special pony, and we feel honoured to have her in our family.

She's affectionate, gentle, sweet, and very funny when she plays with the hose pipe!"

Thank you Amy. We think this is a lovely outcome for everyone, and we hope you have many happy times with Tilly!

Rodney, Hope, Faith & Rory were all rehomed together, which was fantastic for them! They have all settled in well to their new home. 

Rodney is the most friendly, Hope still needs to relax a little when being groomed, but is currently being lightly schooled (unmounted) with Ella and is doing really well and is very willing to try new things! Faith and Rory still like to be with each other and Faith is still a little bit timid when people touch her, although she is very calm when going out for walks and is by far the most patient! Rory is similar to Faith, but he loves people bending down to be at his height when they are around him, and he's very excitable on walks out. 

All in all, the ponies are doing very well in their new family.

We are delighted that Lacey has a lovely new home!

She has two new equine friends, and her new 'mummy' Davina.

She has settled in very well so far, and we wish them a happy future together.

Jolene has now been rehomed.  She was found a new home by a rescue centre in Kent, and we are pleased that she is doing well.  It is great to know that we can work with friends and colleagues at other equine rescue centres to find the best possible homes for our horses and ponies.

Lord Logan was found abandoned and taken into our rescue centre for rehabilitation. He needed a specialist castration operation before being able to be rehomed. With generous financial help from supporters of KHR, Bella Vou in Tunbridge Wells, and Kent Horse Watch, he has successfully been gelded, and we are delighted that he has now secured a loving home locally to our rescue centre. 

Whinnie has found a super new home with one of our current rehomers.  She is going to make a wonderful companion pony who will also be petted by the family and possibly lightly ridden in future.  

She is a very sociable pony, enjoys human contact and will fit in very well to this family, so this will be a perfect match!