Horses in Sanctuary Care

Our "Sponsor a Horse" scheme gives you the opportunity to help a horse, pony or donkey at our Sussex based UK Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Each horse, pony and donkey has their own story and the Sponsor a Horse scheme gives you the opportunity to help us fund their care and in some cases, their progress back to health and a better life. 

Sponsors may visit the rescue centre to see their sponsored horse, pony or donkey, and all sponsors are entitled to attend any of our site based events free of charge.  

Should you prefer to make an online donation please click here and use the MyDonate option.

Sox is a black Hackney X gelding and stands at 16HH. He was seized by the RSPCA and brought directly to KHR. He was born in 1985, and at his age (33) he has a number of special care needs associated with typical veteran horses. 

His needs include the careful management of sweet-itch, a condition that causes the horse to be highly sensitive to flies and midges, and he also has specific dietry requirements which can affect his ability to maintain the correct weight, especially during the winter months.

Sox enjoys being part of a herd and enjoys the summer grazing, however he is regularly brought in to his stable to give him chance to rest. He is a wilful character whose looks can be deceiving at times!  Sox will stay at KHR for the rest of his days.

Dolly is a very cute skewbald Shetland pony standing at around 8HH. 

She has suffered over the years with acute laminitis, a condition affecting horses and ponies particularly during the summer months where the grazing can be lush. She needs careful management to ensure that her feet remain as healthy as possible to prevent lameness.

She is well into her twenties, and with her propensity for recurring laminitis, KHR has decided to keep her in our sanctuary care for the rest of her days.