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Clyde is now available for rehoming. He was seized by the RSPCA after being tethered along with his mother on Romney Marsh. His mother has since been successfully rehomed.

Clyde is a lovely boy; very docile and easy to handle.  He could make a fabulous companion or, with training, he could be backed to become a ridden pony.

Shortly after his arrival at our rescue centre as a young colt, he had an accident in the field which damaged his eye and our vet advised that his eye could not be saved.  It hasn't hampered his development but his future home should understand that this may impact his training if he is to be ridden.


  • Clyde is a Fell gelding, (born in November 2016), bay, currently standing at approximately 14'1hh
  • He has the potential to be a companion pony or ridden (with training) 
  • Must go to an experienced home
  • Our suggested rehoming donation is £250


Flea is a black ex-polo pony (horse). 

She is a lovely horse, and is very happy living as a companion to other mares, or could potentially be used as a light hack.

She is very sweet, and loves to be groomed and enjoys the company of people, however, when she is turned out in a large herd situation she can be difficult to catch from the field. We therefore think she would suit a home where she is turned out with one or two others and we believe in time, and with more regular one-to-one handling this will improve considerably. The ideal home will have plenty of turnout, but will be able to offer her some stable time or decent shelter during the winter months.


  • Flea is a mare, born is 1998, black, approximately 15'1" hh
  • She may be rehomed to an experienced home only and only to someone with time and patience to help her overcome her resistance to being caught
  • She could be a companion or light hack
  • Our suggested rehoming donation is £250


Maisey is a 10 year old pretty pony, being a New Forest/Connemara X. She has been schooled in the past (a background check has confirmed this) and she responds well to simple commands, however she has not been ridden whilst at our rescue centre (approx 4 months), so anyone wishing to rehome Maisey as a ridden pony will need to be experienced, and capable of bringing her back into work. She can be headstrong when she doesn't get her own way so will need a competent handler.


  • Maisey is a mare, (born in 2007), grey, approximately 13'3hh
  • She has the future potential to be a ridden pony or would make an ideal companion as she mixes well with other horses
  • Must go to an experienced home
  • Our suggested rehoming donation is £250

Liam & Louie

Liam and Louie are believed to be less than a year old. They were found neglected and abandoned in very poor condition.  They were undernourished, and their coats were heavily soiled.

They came into the care of KHR in January 2018. Since their arrival, a great deal of care and patience has been needed to help the ponies become more comfortable around people. They were sedated to remove their winter coats, and to enable us to have their hooves trimmed. With regular contact we are delighted to say that they are much more trusting now of human contact and they are very placid in terms of their temperaments. They are small ponies but as yet not fully grown.  Louie is currently around 11'2 and Liam is approx. 12'2hh.

These two ponies are very closely bonded and so we would only consider rehoming them together as a pair.  They will be gelded prior to rehoming.