Corporate, Business Support (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility / Business Support

Kilmarnock Horse Rescue is one of the South of Englands most prominent equine welfare charities.

We welcome new ways of working together with businesses to develop tailored packages to allow your specific business objectives to be realised, whilst ensuring that your support makes a genuine difference to the horses, ponies and donkeys in our care.

So how will your business benefit from providing corporate support to Kilmarnock Horse Rescue?

  • Greater Social Responsibility

By offering the commitment of your business to support the welfare of equines, you are effectively demonstrating positive corporate social responsibility (CSR). In plain terms, everyone benefits from improvements in equine welfare.

Whether it's enhancing public safety when we rescue abandoned horses and ponies from public roads and highways, or helping the next generation to understand just what it takes to care for horses and ponies and therefore preventing welfare issues from occurring; together we can make a real difference.

Supporting the welfare of horses, ponies and donkeys sends a great message to your employees, your customers, your business stakeholders, and to society at large.

To find out just how your business could work with Kilmarnock Horse Rescue, please contact us.