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Our Patrons

 “Kilmarnock Horse Rescue are absolutely delighted that Dame Judi Dench has become our 2nd Patron alongside Anna Kennedy OBE

We are truly honoured to have two such wonderful ladies supporting our charity.”

Anna Kennedy, who has been a Patron to Kilmarnock Horse Rescue for almost 3 years has contributed to various events at Kilmarnock with families from Autism Support Crawley . Her son Angelo has a Donkeys stable named after him which is dubbed ‘Angelo’s Den’.

Latest News

November 2018

In this beautiful story, Kilmarnock Horse Rescue supporter, Megan, talks openly about her relationship with horses, and how she and her Kilmarnock rescue horse Pandora, have helped each other. Thank you Megan for sharing this with us!

October 2018

Our Founder and Chairperson Carol Jackson named as top 3 Finalist in BBC Sussex Community Hero Awards!

BBC Sussex Managing Editor and judge Sara David said: 'It's an honour and a privilege to judge these awards each year, and to discover the amazing work that’s happening locally. The list of nominees this year was as competitive and inspiring as ever.’

BBC Sussex Assistant Editor and presenter Mark Carter, who oversees the Awards, commented: 'We've once again been bowled over by the quality of the nominations. Finalists or not, everyone nominated should feel incredibly proud of their achievements.’

All of the shortlisted nominees will now attend a prestigious awards ceremony at the Gatwick Crowne Plaza Hotel on Monday, 26 November, when the overall winners in each category will be announced. There will be online coverage of proceedings on the night and a special programme of highlights will be aired in December.

For more details of this Animal Welfare category and the other award categories please follow this link.

October 2018

Northbrook College Carpentry Students build much needed shelters in time for winter!

We have recently had an influx of rescue cases and needed more field shelters to accommodate the extra horses and ponies in our care.

We have successfully managed to raise enough money to cover the cost of the actual shelters but not enough funds for the installation costs.

KHR Trustee Jody Clewett’s father, Garry Blunt, Curriculum Manager for Engineering and Construction at Northbrook College, kindly offered the services of the 2nd year carpentry students.

Garry stated, “this will not only be a huge benefit to the rescue but also gives the students some much needed on-site practical experience, ensuring that risk assessments have been carried out, that they have all of their PPE,  that their lifting plans are accurate and safe, and to generally educate them in a real site environment.”

We, at KHR, are very grateful for the dedication and support shown by the students and wish them well in their future careers.

Earlier News

Our Work with the Local Community


Families that have autistic children come and use the farm for family days out! This gives the children time to spend with our wonderful rescued horses, ponies and donkeys. Equine bonding is proven to help develop the 'emotional bond' that traditionally challenges these lovely and wonderful children.

Anna Kennedy is well known for setting up schools to provide an improved education and other facilities for special needs children affected by Aspergers Syndrome and Autism. She has now expanded her support for these special children including two schools, a college, a respite home and a website with over 50,000 international followers. She was awarded an OBE (Royal Reward for Inspirational Mother) Award by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in 2012 for her services. We are honoured to be able to call her our official patron.


We took some of our rescue ponies to the local mental health hospital to allow the patients some much loved time with animals. Equine assisted therapy can be an incredible way to help with mental health as a relationship developed with a horse can offer challenges that help overcome fears, build up trust, respect, compassion, and develop communication skills and coping techniques.


The local fire brigade recently came to the the rescue and rehoming centre to practice evacuation and rescue techniques.

With the possibility of attending a fire with animals they felt it was essential to learn skills such as putting on a head collar and understanding the correct method of leading a horse.

Our local Brownies group love to come to our rescue and rehoming centre to visit all the ponies who love all the attention and grooming!