At Kilmarnock Horse rescue our aim is to care for and rehome as many abandoned and mistreated animals as we can. Our rescue started in 2000 by founder Carol Jackson when she adopted our first case, Oliver. 

After establishing her own rescue centre in 2002, Carol found herself surrounded by passionate horse lovers intent on supporting her to build the rescue centre it is now. 

Over the years we have cared for over 100 cases of neglect, and with our dedicated team, our rescue centre has become more involved in working within the community. 

Our rescue and rehoming centre is funded solely from the generosity of our sponsors, fundraisers, and donators, and with the number of cases we're seeing, the growth of our centre is vital, and we simply cannot function without your help.

Monetary donations aren't all that can help us; food and preloved tack, as well as wood and materials that we can use to build more stables and shelters from are vital! In addition, any items that we can sell at our events and car boot sales are gratefully received, so it really is a case of "every little helps!" 

For details on how to donate, please see the   How to Donate page.